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RCN Business Javits Center NYC Case Study

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Don't Become a Headline

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If your customer is struggling to keep up with hardware and software demands, and their company’s network security is not optimized, then a managed.. →

Ecessa PowerLink Data Sheet

Data Sheet

Security and SD-WAN: Firewall Comparison

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Do your clients need a firewall or SD-WAN - or both? In this technology brief, we explain why both are needed and show three network architectures.. →

RCN Grande Wave Partner Presentation

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About TPx - Company Snapshot


Let TPx be your guide, partner and expert resource for the Communications and Collaborations, Managed IT and Network Connectivity solutions reshaping.. →

Brochure: Managed Service for Office 365

Managed Office 365


Managed SD-WAN

A major winery was looking for alternatives to a $75,000 fiber build to bring quality internet access to the office at it's vineyar. The.. →

Understanding Bandwidth, Latency and Throughput

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Bandwidth, latency and throughput describe characteristics of telecommunication and data communication links. When comparing offerings from providers.. →